The Ottomans first appeared in 1729, and while the styles changed, the concept did not. The “ottoman” plural, as one might think, is “ottomans” not “ottomen.”

There are many uses for the Ottomans. They are commonly called footstools, buttocks, hassocks, and tuffets. To be used for storage, many ottomans are hollowed out. This is particularly useful in small apartments or any space where there is premium storage. In a living room, a storage ottoman can be used to hold remote controls (great place to keep them) and, when the need arises, extra batteries. Blankets, scarves, gloves, pillows of the neck, magazines, bean bags, MP3 players… And more can be found in ottoman storage.

When extra friends come over for the game, these fun pieces of furniture can be used for extra seating. And when it’s time to share a bottle of wine and appetizers before a wonderful meal while the game is still on a lot of Ottomans have lids that can be flipped over, and you have a lovely coffee table right away!

Ottomans come in different sizes. Cube Ottomans may not be more than 18 inches square, and just the right size for magazines that appear to clutter your space. They may only weigh a few pounds or so, making it easy to move from room to room. Round Ottomans can help create “balance” in the room with many straight lines caused by an entertainment center, coffee and end tables, and so on. Ottomans in the rectangle can add style to halls, bedrooms and other living spaces. All of these may be ottoman storage.

Ottomans have a lot of home uses. Use a rectangular ottoman to spice up your bed’s foot and store extra pillows and blankets for cold winter nights. This can even be used on this prime real estate as additional seating space.

Cats appear to be the easiest pets to cater for, but their litter boxes interfere with your decor. No one wants a litter box to be welcomed. Under an ottoman, you can hide the litter box! Suspect that this beautiful furnishing is one of the most unique and useful uses. Cats will quickly adapt and solve this problem.

It is possible to use Ottomans as a cocktail table, a much softer alternative to a traditional coffee table, a popular choice for living rooms and family.

With storage, Ottomans can be a great place to stay out of sight for almost anything you want. In any house room, home office, or even a mudroom, they are useful.

In an entrance or foyer area, add an ottoman (or a few ottomans) under a console to fill the space, add color and texture, and provide a place to sit when taking off and on shoes or boots.

Get a little ottoman as a side table if you just want something different. Make a statement to have a fun piece of furniture that has some wow factor (or a lot). Be creative and make your own custom!

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