When the upholstery of your favorite piece of furniture begins to fade or lose its luster because it is more than a decade old, you have to make some decision. You can either purchase a new couch or lounge suite, or you can pick it up again. There is a cost issue involved between buying and reupholstering. However, between the two, reupholstery will be the more affordable.

You have the luxury of choosing your own fabric for the furniture if you have selected the reupholstery option. Now you can let the furniture look like your style. This is wonderful because the color, pattern and fabric you can decide on. You’re not limited to just a few choices like when you went there to buy the furniture. If your lounge has a specific theme like a French theme, you can choose a fabric that matches the theme.


At this stage, you will have hundreds of fabrics to choose from, but when choosing fabric for your furniture, there are few things you need to keep in mind. Although you want to keep costs low, consider your longevity. In the short run, cheaper fabrics may seem like a good idea, but it may later lead to another buy. When stretched over the furniture frame, cheaper fabrics fray. It may be because for this purpose it was not made. Keep in mind that the fabric is stretched over the frame to create the perfect appearance when the furniture is reupholstered. When selecting a fabric, make sure it has a tight weave for long-lasting durability.

Consider the type of pattern you want and how when it is pulled over the furniture it will appear. If you decide on a striped pattern, for example, then let the upholsterer know in which direction you want the stripes to flow. Should they all go laterally or from top to bottom across the furniture? If you choose a floral pattern, the upholsterers should be advised how to cover the furniture with the floral pattern. Do the floral pattern have to flow diagonally or laterally?

Reupholstering your old furniture gives you the chance to be creative and enjoy the process. It will stir up feelings of excitement and joy once you see your choices come to life.

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